Monday, June 29, 2009

Our fourth workshop. 23 June.

Here is one thing from each of us that stood out the most on our walk...

St Paul's Church.
The clock on the church.
The painted graphics outside pub.
The flower beds at the church.
The Deftford Project - rail carriage cafe.
Sparkly Green House exhibited outside The Deptford Project.
Crucifix at entrance to church.
Smell of fish.
Butcher chopping meat.
Graphics on The Depford Project rail carriage cafe.
Hated the church - didn't want to be there.
Atmosphere - noise, sounds, wind - hectic!
Sticker on lamp post - stiletto, by graffiti artist Insa.
Calm of the church.
Horrible smell, trampy.
Looking up at buildings for first time - history - design - carvings.
Different textures.
Lines and shapes.
Different shapes - not everything a straight line.
Looking up at designs on church.
Shapes of buildings - 3D.

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