Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our fifth workshop. 30 June. Roots Group.

in this project i found it very fun and enjoyable because we work as a group and we get to go out and enjoy the nice view of deptford. Also we got to find more about deptford's history.


Our fifth workshop. 30 June. Mini-Verse Group.

our design idea was a ribbon turning into water, the bad thing about the final design is that it can't be more than one colour or shaded but instead we could have the water and ribbon in stips so the detail can still be there, hopefully more than one colour can be used. looking at our idea if you had to imagine it on a wall it looks really good and lively.


Our fifth workshop. 30 June. Bomb Group.

As the other group has said, our project is about creating a design to be used for the Deptford X Art Festival. So far we've completed several brainstorms, sketched out ideas for elements of our design, experimented with kirigami and gone on a small outing to Deptford High Street, sketching and taking photos to get inspiration for our design from the area - as well as designing our own paper houses to get a feel of our own personal elements we could include.

-- Bomb (Jodie, Rochelle and Lauren)

Our fifth workshop. 30 June. Leaf Group.

Our group have been looking at leaves, and relating it to Deptford in creative ways. We have found many different ways of exploring leaves and have come up with several designs for this project. We are using our imaginations to develop a wide range of sources. This has been an intresting project as in art, you usally work alone.

Janell Allder 10a
Ella Taylor 10a
Laura Ngo 10p
Fatila Carrol 10e
Chrystal White 10e

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our fourth workshop. 23 June.

Here is one thing from each of us that stood out the most on our walk...

St Paul's Church.
The clock on the church.
The painted graphics outside pub.
The flower beds at the church.
The Deftford Project - rail carriage cafe.
Sparkly Green House exhibited outside The Deptford Project.
Crucifix at entrance to church.
Smell of fish.
Butcher chopping meat.
Graphics on The Depford Project rail carriage cafe.
Hated the church - didn't want to be there.
Atmosphere - noise, sounds, wind - hectic!
Sticker on lamp post - stiletto, by graffiti artist Insa.
Calm of the church.
Horrible smell, trampy.
Looking up at buildings for first time - history - design - carvings.
Different textures.
Lines and shapes.
Different shapes - not everything a straight line.
Looking up at designs on church.
Shapes of buildings - 3D.

Our fourth workshop. 23 June.

We went for a walk down Deptford High Street to think and experience it in ways we might not have before. We looked at interesting shapes and patterns to help inspire our ideas for the stickers; and we all photographed, sketched, or noted down at least one visual thing, one sound, and one smell. Here are some of our photos...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our third workshop. 16 June.

We also did drawings based on our observations, concentrating on a strong graphic style...

Our third workshop. 16 June.

We went out into the playground and used a digital SLR camera to take photos of the many patterns we could see...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our second workshop. 9 June.

We made hundreds (literally) of shapes today by folding and cutting paper - this technique is called Kirigami. Here are a few examples of what we made...

Mental well-being workshop. 9 June.

We all took part in a workshop on mental health and well-being this morning, to make us think about how our artwork can affect others in a positive way.

Monday, June 8, 2009


We like the idea of making one logo from many elements like this logo for Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol...

Mind Maps. Group 6. Leaf.

Key words and phrases included:

Tried to merge lots of ideas, leaf represents creek in Deptford, veins of leaf/rivers into the sea, joining the world together, trade bringing world together, links to family tree and local history, wind represents the busyness of Deptford High Street.

Mind Maps. Group 5. Bomb.

Key words and phrases included:

Map between our houses, rectangle, all in-between bits, simple symbols for individuals, futuristic, fantasy.

Mind Maps. Group 4. The Urban Flux.

Key words and phrases included:

Deptford, history, urban, what's there, what it looks like, flow of change, boats and ship building history, jug of water, words flowing in the water, words are the water, typography.

Mind Maps. Group 3. Roots.

Key words and phrases included:

History, key - symbol, different colour for each person, symbol for each area/street name/person, alex = strength.

Mind Maps. Group 2. Fluxxy.

One Mind Map was created for each person in the group and then collaged altogether on the wall!

Key words and phrases included:

Flux, High Street, Addeys, people.

Mind Maps. Group 1. Mini-Verse.

Work was displayed on the floor, so we were looking down on it!

Key words and phrases included:

Deptford, personal areas of London, giant map, aerial view, pop-ups.

We looked at the work of Simon Patterson before creating our own 'Mind Maps' of Deptford and our lives.

Flux definition.

flux –noun

1.a flowing or flow.

2.the flowing in of the tide.

3.continuous change, passage, or movement: His political views are in a state of flux. —Synonyms 1. course, current, flood, stream.

Deptford X 2009 theme.

Title: Flux

Deptford's historic links to the River Thames, ship-building and international trade, have a new resonance in today's issues of climate change and economic uncertainty. Deptford is in flux, responding to outside forces, yet its social vibrancy, distinctive urban environment and its wonderful Creek are enduring elements.

Deptford X 2009 will take stock, elaborate and enthuse.

examples of pattern work from me and ben {interim.org.uk}.

Our first workshop. 2 June.

We are going to be working together over the next six weeks. We had our first session on Tuesday 2nd June where we looked at some of my work, discussed the festival's theme for this year, brainstormed ideas and then displayed and shared our work with each other.

Welcome to our blog.

Hello, I'm Esther the artist who was lucky enough to be picked to work with art students from Addey + Stanhope school in Deptford, London for 2009's Deptford X.

The Festival will run from 25th September - 4th October 2009.

For more info check out http://www.deptfordx.org/

We are going to be working together to create an identity for the festival, which will be turned into small and large vinyl stickers to be stuck all over town as a wayfinding trail, and as a means of identifying participating venues.

Keep an eye on this blog to watch our progress...